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Meet Jessica

"Jessica impacted my life during a time when I felt depleted and confused. She asked the best questions, which helped me focus on what matters to me, what I need, and the steps to get there! She helped me to see that I matter, too."



Thank you for taking the time to learn about my services and me.

People, Ideas, Processes, and Things - these are who I am at the core. With the natural ability to see in people what they sometimes can't see in or are too scared to admit about themselves, I genuinely enjoy helping them discover their potential and to do the things they truly want to do.

I love driving change, big idea thinking, and strategy-driven conversations, making connections and creating rooted, true, and real relationships and communities that are mutually beneficial and lasting.

I truly believe we can all make a difference.

Growing up in rural Ohio, the daughter of two very young teenagers (who are still married), I have learned to be resourceful, creative, and scrappy. I sometimes like to joke that "I eat tenacity for breakfast."

I'm also a wife and mother of two young adults. It's so much fun watching them grow into the people they're becoming and spending time together as a family and individually doing things together, now as friends. When the weather is a bit warmer, I enjoy being outside - with my husband, our 2 dogs (Stella and Lucy), and our cat (Tony) - taking walks, growing and cutting wildflowers, mowing, and exploring the woods. I'm an avid reader, am always down for a board game, and I love to cook.

Making someone laugh, sharing flowers we've grown, or a meal I've made are some of the things that mean the most to me.

I look forward to connecting with and learning about you- what brought you here, whether we work together or not. Please send a "Hello."

- Jessica


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