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Strategy + Consulting

(Intentionally create a map just for you, your team, and your organization, including the end destination and highlights.)


Providing an outside perspective, feedback, solutions, and objective opinions. An honest assessment of processes and goals without potential conflicts of interest. Bringing experience and knowledge that can lead to fresh, out-of-the-box ideas with the focus being on getting the job done without getting distracted by other priorities and initiatives.


  • evaluating where you are

  • developing a vision of where

       you want to be

  • identifying obstacles

  • clarity on the unique value

  • fact-based decisions

  • long-term strategic plan

  • short term steps

  • establishing measurable results

  • helping to find solutions

       and opportunities to learn
       and grow

  • accountability

Jessica is a growth-minded, natural connector and small-business expert.

Project Management

Project management support - following your own plan or one you've created and customized together.)

Supporting the business leader, manager, or team members in taking work off their plate that doesn't need to be there. Responsibilities and scopes vary depending on the person, organization, and unique needs.


  • manage timelines, deliverables, and follow-ups

  • project work

  • driving strategic alignment

  • cross-functional collaboration

  • resource allocation

  • accountability

  • facilitate meetings

  • calendar management

  • travel planning and coordination

  • prioritize business strategies

  • appropriately manage and

      distribute confidential information

Jessica brings 20+ years of demonstrated expertise in providing high-level executive and personal assistance in day-to-day operational management, delivering creative solutions, and driving strategic initiatives and projects in alignment with business goals for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. She has developed a keen understanding of the human aspect of business and tailors her approach to each individual and organization's unique challenges and aspirations.

Coaching + Development

(Discover a custom-tailored path dictated by your goals and roadblocks.)

Building relationships, listening to and encouraging people to be their best. Supporting opportunities for growth and improvement while assisting them to achieve and do the things that mean the most.

  • listening with curiosity

  • understanding needs

  • reflecting where the person is

       and where they want to be

  • provide honest feedback

       and clear communication

  • guidance and encouragement

  • identifying obstacles

  • establishing expectations

  • creating a plan

  • helping to find solutions

       and opportunities to learn

       and grow

  • accountability

Jessica is passionate about motivating, encouraging, and inspiring people to do things. She has your best interest at heart and is in your corner. While she may challenge you to do things that make you uncomfortable, that's where the growth happens, and the bridge to the other side is built and crossed.
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