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Leading - Creating - Advising

Jessica helps business leaders and managers as their go-to for all things creative, project management, special projects, events, partnerships, and other vital programs and pieces.

Jessica has collaborated with a diverse clientele of esteemed professionals such as an editor for the New York Times, a publisher with Cosmopolitan magazine, Libby Moore (former COS to Oprah Winfrey), Martha Beck (NY Times bestselling author), Amy Gray (Founder and President of New Leaf Speakers), Kelley Wolf (Author, Speaker & Social Influencer), and Hamish Brewer (former principal, Author & Speaker).


Jessica focuses on listening to and encouraging people to be their best. Supporting opportunities for growth and improvement while assisting them to achieve and do the things that mean the most.

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Jessica provides an outside perspective, feedback, solutions, and objective opinions. An honest assessment of processes and goals without potential conflicts of interest. Bringing experience and knowledge that can lead to fresh, out-of-the-box ideas with the focus being on getting the job done without getting distracted by other priorities and initiatives.

Jessica provides support to the business leader, manager or team, taking work off their plates that doesn't need to be there. Responsibilities and scopes vary depending on the person, organization, and unique needs.

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"A fractional CoS is a great fit for projects that require more time than your current staff can give them but less time than a full-time position."

Jessica brings 19+ years of demonstrated expertise in high-level executive day-to-day operational management, delivering creative solutions, and driving strategic initiatives and projects in alignment with business goals.

Known for bringing fresh, out-of-the-box ideas and the ability to embrace change, she focuses on getting the job done with a collaborative and can-do attitude without being distracted by other priorities and initiatives.

"You get one life. One chance. One go. Why not create something wonderful?" Sahil Bloom

Common Themes + Topics

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Talking strategy, brainstorming, diving deep, and gut-checking ideas, she tailors her approach to each individual and organization's unique challenges and aspirations.

Jessica leads with grounded confidence in unchartered waters and brings value to you, your team, and your organization. 

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